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Another month down gang and what a month it has been! We have been tracking well towards our goal of offering nationally recognised VET courses as well as a lot of work in the background to secure the funds for a new facility.

A few other things that have happened this month include:

· Our new shed has finally been completed which will help us with a lot of our products.

· We have received a fantastic write up in this month’s RSL Magazine – Thank you RSL Magazine

We have a number of events coming up over the next few weeks. This Friday evening, 25th June, we will be selling raffle tickets at Porters Hotel Plainland. If you are free and, in the area, please come down for a fantastic meal and buy some tickets in our meat tray raffles.

Saturday 26th June, we will be at Bunnings Plainland holding a sausage sizzle from 8:00am - 3:00pm. Again, if you are in the area and fancy a snag and want to help support BOOTSTRAPS, come on down for a chat.

Next month, 17th July, is our 2nd birthday since moving into our current facility – stay tuned for details on the planned celebrations!

I would like to also remind you all if you would like to be a part of our 500 Club, please follow the link provided. Please also share this far and wide, because with your help, we can go such a long way to making a difference in so many people’s lives.

I would like to recognise my staff again as they have been integral to the success of this organisation. John – Without you mate BOOTSTRAPS would not be able to function the way it does from day-to-day. Zell – your tireless work behind the scenes is very under rated yet very much appreciated, and Adam, of Saber Digital Solutions, for his continued work, above and beyond the call of duty for us in the marketing department. Thank you all and keep up the great work!

Thank you to all our staff and supporters who

have helped to get to where we are today.

See you next month and stay safe!!!

- Sam Kavanagh, CEO Bootstraps



Raffle Tickets: Porters Hotel Plainland, has started up meat tray raffles again, this is a great opportunity for Bootstraps to fundraise between now and December. If you're interested in volunteering your time, please forward your details to

Bootstraps staff are happy to partner up with you all and show you how its done. We need volunteers for the following dates and times: Friday 25th June, Sunday 1st August, Saturday 21st August, Friday 10th September, Sunday 26th September, Friday 15th October, Sunday 31st October, Saturday 20th November. Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30pm and Sunday lunch 12 noon (These sessions can be up to 1 1/2hr).

This coming weekend on Saturday 26th June, we'll be manning the BBQ at Bunnings Plainland to raise money for the organization. It's not too late to put your hand up to help even if its just for a small amount amount of time. Remember the ol' saying many hands make light work - or in this case 'many hands make lots of sausage fingers!'

We'd like to thank both Porters Hotel Plainland and Bunnings Plainland for supporting us in our fund raising endeavours.


As always our centre is always open to the community for them to drop in. The centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Feel free say hello or introduce yourself!


We've made it even easier for you to donate to us via our secure online link and PayPal Donate. To access this simply visit our site page

Did you know that Bootstraps Veterans Charity is a Deducible Gift Recipient (DGR) One Status Charity. This mean that money donations are 100% tax deductible. So if you give us a $1million, Mr Morrison will then give you $1million in your tax return. It’s a win win situation. With June 30th only days away you've still got time to donate before this financial year!

500 CLUB:

We are always so proud to promote all of our 500 Club Members that proudly supports us!

This month we acknowledge Saber Digital Solutions Pty Ltd. They're a locally based company assisting businesses to not only get seen but also noticed online through website design and management, digital marketing and social media campaigns. They've been an invaluable asset in helping us out with the redesign and management our website as well as our social media platforms. To find out more about them, simply click on their image below.

Bootstraps is really proud to have its many supporters onboard as 500 Club Members.

But to keep the centre marching along were always looking for more members! If you too would like to support our work click below to discover how you can become a 500 CLUB MEMBER!


Did you hear about the karate master who joined the military? He saluted and nearly chopped off his own head.
Why don’t twitter users make good soldiers? They’re always too quick to retweet.
Where do Generals keep their armies? In their sleevies.


The coffee tastes better if the latrines are down stream from the encampment.


So each month we'll feature a Veteran owned business or place where veterans, their families and friends can spend time and enjoy life.

This months feature goes to a coffee shop that Sam and Annette found in the travels called Arthur Clive’s Bakery Café located in Boonah, Queensland. It’s a great café with great food, so get along and support this family business!

Check out their Facebook page:


Every week our Bootstraps Members and, visitors to the centre toil away, for sometimes hours on end, to create their unique leather work pieces. We'd love to share some of the recent ones from the past month, and perhaps inspire you for your next leather work project! And remember to ask us as there are a range of lovely leather pieces for sale for you to take home today!

We look forward to bringing you more in next months, News-Leather. But in the meantime, be sure to Like and Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what's happening with Bootstraps!

We'd really love to hear from you about what

projects you'd really like to do!

Satchel, Handbag, Photo Album, Rifle Case, Tool Case,

Binoculars Case, or perhaps something more unique!

Remember to leave us your feedback or a comment below,

on what you would like to make at our centre or have covered

in future edition of our News-Leathers!

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