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July 2023 Newsletter

This month's banner is inspired by EX TALISMAN SABRE, a bi-annual multinational exercise starting 22nd July all over Queensland






Welcome one and all!

Hello again all you BOOTSTRAPERS and welcome back to another news leather.

This month has been very busy for all of us, and the results speak for themselves. The centre has been humping along nicely with a couple of the custom creations being finished, repairs being attended to, and classes being successfully completed - all with excellent feedback.

Dan has competed his second belt-making course in collaboration with Mac-Lace leather at their Capalaba store. The feedback from not only the staff at Mac-Lace, but also the participants themselves was very positive. Rob and Tanya (Mac-Lace owners) are keen to have him back for more classes.

I am pleased to announce our newest addition to the trainee instructor wing. Callum comes to us with years of experience in the leather world, and a wonderful new perspective and skill set in leather craft. We wish him all the best and hope he can settle into the instructor/assessor role next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Lifeline Darling Downs & South West Queensland Limited organisations for their wonderful financial donation to BOOTSTRAPS. Also, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council for their grant that allowed us to purchase some much-needed tools and equipment. Without this kind of support we would not be able to remain open and serve the community. Thank you so much.

That is all from me. To all my staff and BOOTSTRAPS Family, I thank you for your continued support and wonderful work. To everyone else, I wish you all the best and hope you all stay safe. Until next time, I leave you with this……

Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up” - Unknown

- Sam Kavanagh, CEO Bootstraps




We were contacted by a couple of mums who were looking for some wholesome activities for their children during the Winter holidays. Bootstraps did what Bootstraps does, and didn't disappoint. The mums, who are also teachers, brought their own, and other children to the centre to learn some new skills and produce some long-lasting items and memories.

The children produced some fantastic items - earrings, bank card holders, playing card holders, bracelets, airpod bags and they even started on a handbag!



We have made big improvements to our social media posts, which have generated more engagement - the stats tell us we reached over 3000 people in the last week of June!

Stay up to date with the latest at Bootstraps; be sure to like and follow us on socials.

Linktree is a one-stop-shop that signposts to all our socials, 500 Club members, and other important agencies. Click the banner or snap the QR code to try it today!


We are always looking to expand our network within the wider Veteran and Leatherwork communities.

Bootstraps had the pleasure of collaborating with Mac-Lace Leather in Capalaba; Dan has delivered two leatherwork classes in the last month for their customers. The benefits of this are far-reaching; it improves our relationship with one of our main suppliers, allows our instructors to deliver classes to a different client-base, in a different setting, and helps grow awareness of Bootstraps within SE QLD and beyond.

Such is the demand for classes, Dan is already booked in for two more in July.



Our centre of operations, located in Gatton, Queensland, is open to all current and ex-military personnel,

and the local community, to drop in.

The centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

"Feel free to drop by to say hello and introduce yourself!"



We are always welcoming new faces to volunteer their time, experience and skills. Without the tireless support of our volunteers, keeping Bootstraps going would be impossible. Regardless of your background or skillsets, every one of us can help to play a part. It doesn't need to be huge, it could be only a few hours a week through to a few days a week - really every little bit helps.

If you're in a position to offer some voluntary assistance to our organisation, then please reach out to us today by contacting us by phone 0480 239 994, or email

Also if you are in a position to assist us through monetary donations of any value, please visit our website and follow the link to:



For some of us, we're not ready to talk, as it means saying things out aloud reminds us of the issue; it may, however, be more comfortable to text how we're feeling.

As the classic song by Cold Chisel says "When the war is over, it's time to start again!" But for some of us that war internally is ongoing.

Here at Bootstraps we have all been in that situation and know what it feels like. Please remember if you need to talk you can drop in to our centre and say G'Day to some like minded folk

But for those other times, when you feel this way, know that there is support available via text on 0477 13 11 14 through Lifeline Text. They also have a live message service on their website, and a phone line 13 11 14.

This is a service openly available 24/7, and ran by Lifeline.

You can text them anything that's on your mind - no matter how overwhelming, they are there to listen. Just know, that there is someone there when you're ready!

Please feel free to share with your friends, families and colleagues!

Remember there is always someone willing to listen!


500 CLUB:

We are always so proud to promote all of our 500 Club Members that proudly support us!

The last few months, and now the last year, have been really difficult for many businesses and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the continued support of all of our 500 Club members. Despite their own struggles, our valued partners have stuck with us through their dedicated support. Please make sure that you support them however you can!

Every News Leather, we aim to showcase a new 500 Club member to thank them for their support, but also to let you know about the legends that support us!

This month we acknowledge Ipswich BBQs & Fireplaces; their specialty is as their name suggests. The guys over in Ipswich are great, and they were more than willing to donate to our 2023 ANZAC Day raffle; their Weber BBQ was one of our top prizes. Their kind donation helped us to sell raffle tickets and generate funds so that we can continue to do what we do.

Head over to their site to find top quality items that can keep you warm this winter.

Click the links to go to Ipswich BBQs socials

Bootstraps is really proud to have its many supporters onboard as 500 Club members.

But to keep the centre marching along we're always looking for more businesses to become 500 Club members! If you too would like find out what's in it for your business, learn a bit more and show your support for our work, click below to discover how you can become a 500 CLUB MEMBER!

We even have our own hashtag, #500club; search for it on social media to find out the amazing things our members are doing.



They say that laughter is the best medicine... so here's you dose of giggles for this month's News Leather!


Each month we like to feature a Veteran owned business or place where veterans, their families and friends can spend time and enjoy life.

If you have, or know of a business or place, why not let us know so we can feature them here!



We always welcome new faces to the centre, as well as familiar ones. If you'd like to create a unique leather piece yourself, why not visit our centre today, or contact us about class times; better still, why not take home an exclusive piece of leatherwork from our many items for sale in our display!


We look forward to bringing you more in next month's, News-Leather. But in the meantime, be sure to Like and Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with what's happening with Bootstraps!

We'd really love to hear what projects you'd like to do!

Go to our Linktree to submit an expression of interest for our classes, or a custom project.

Satchel, Handbag, Photo Album, Rifle Case, Tool Case,

Binoculars Case, or perhaps something more unique!

Remember to leave us your feedback or a comment on what you would like to make at our centre or have covered in future edition of our News-Leathers!

Thank you again to our 500 Club members - click the logos to visit their websites

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