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Welcome one and all!

What a fantastic month we have had, I’m glad you can all be on this journey with us.

This month saw us celebrate our 3rd birthday at our Gatton centre. We had almost 50 people attend with everyone saying they not only had a great time, but also came away with a much better understanding and respect for what it is we do. The event also saw the beginning of some new friendships and networks. All in all, a really great day.

Last week I had the honour of being interviewed by Martin Shaw from Wounded Heroes during his Veterans Hour on West Bremmer Radio. This is an awesome radio program that is designed to highlight all things veterans. I got to meet all the fine people from WBR and had a great chat to Martin. I would like to thank him for the invitation to appear on his program and to promote BOOTSTRAPS to the wider community.

We also received the confirmation that we have been allocated a spot at the RAAF Amberley Air Show coming up in October. This will be a great two days for us to showcase what we do and how the community can become involved. So, if you are able to attend this event, please come along and say hello.

Thank you all once again for being a part of the BOOTSTRAPS journey. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Thank you to all our staff and supporters who

have helped to get to where we are today.

See you next month and stay safe!!!

- Sam Kavanagh, CEO Bootstraps



We had so much happening for us events wise during July, but the biggest event was definitely our 3rd Birthday Celebration. The lead-up and planning for the event was huge and it couldn't have been done without the support of local business and our dedicated staffing alike - thanks for your help! Here are some pictures highlighting the day.

Also during July we were invited to attend the studios of the West Bremer Radio for the 5pm Friday afternoon Veteran's Hour hosted by Martin Shaw. Weekly, the Wounded Heroes take over the airwaves to bring you news, stories, events and issues covering veterans.

During the visit our CEO and Founder of Bootstraps, Sam Kavanagh was interviewed and this was a great opportunity to tell the Bootstraps story as well as directions we are moving to in the future. Why not take a moment to listen to the interview now by clicking on the link below and pressing play on the pink button!


Our centre of operations, located in Gatton, Queensland, is always open to ALL ADF personnel that are currently serving and/or ex, and the general community to drop in.

The centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Feel free to drop by and say hello or introduce yourself!


We are always welcoming new faces to volunteer their time, experience and skills. Without the tireless support of our volunteers keeping Bootstraps going would be impossible. Regardless of your background or skillsets, every one of us can help to play a part. It doesn't need to be huge, it could be only a few hours a week through to a few days a week - really every little bit helps.

If you're in a position to offer some voluntary assistance to our organisation, then please reach out to us today by contacting us by phone or email to

Also if you are in a position to assist us through monetary donations of any value, please visit our website and follow the link to:



For some of us, we're not ready to talk as it means saying things out aloud reminds us of the issue. Then there's times we simply don't want to talk, but we're comfortable to text how we're feeling. As the classic song by Cold Chisel says "When the war is over, it's time to start again!" But for some of us that war internally is ongoing. Here at Bootstraps we have all been in that situation and know what it feels like. Please remember if you need to talk you can drop in to our centre and say G'Day to some like minded folk

But for those other times, when you feel this way, know that there is support available via text on 0477 131114 through Lifeline Text. This is a service openly available 24/7and ran by Lifeline. You can text them anything that's on your mind - no matter how overwhelming, they are there to listen. Just know, that there is someone there when you're ready!

Please feel free to share with your friends, families and colleagues! Remember there is always someone willing to listen!


500 CLUB:

We are always so proud to promote all of our 500 Club Members that proudly supports us!

The last few month and now the last year have been really difficult for many businesses and we want to take the moment to acknowledge the continued support of all of our 500 Club Member's. Despite their own struggles, our valued partners have stuck with us through their dedicated support. Please make sure that you support them however you can!

Every News Leather, we aim to showcase a new 500 Club Member to thank them for their support but also to let you know about the legends that support us! This month we